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geschrieben von Maqz am Freitag, 17. August 2001 (44409 Aufrufe) druckerfreundliche Ansicht
(*) Wer sich immer noch fragt, was er für Comics lesen soll und keinen gerissenen Comicdealer hat, der ihn "beraten" kann, der sollte jetzt ganz genau aufpassen. Hier findet Ihr die absolute und finale Bestenliste der 100 Top-Comics des amerikanischen Marktes. Da es Comics seit über 100 Jahren gibt,sind, gibt es hier auch einige Serien, die nicht jeder kennt. Aber lesenswert sind sie trotzdem.

Ich hoffe Ihr könnt damit was anfangen. Die Seite ist auch gut als Einkaufsliste zu verwenden - oder als Leseliste für den Abschluß Doktor h. c. (Comic-Abschluß erhältlich an der CRS-Universität München bei Professor Gruber. Vorlesungen 24h im Internet.)

Übrigens: Wenn Ihr Eure Top 100 US-Comicserie hier nicht wiederfindet, dann teilt uns das doch mit (natürlich mit einer kleinen Begründung).

Übrigens II: Die Liste ist nicht von uns, sondern stammt aus den USA und ist also in englisch. Keiner von uns hatte Zeit, sie zu übersetzen.

100. Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers by Gilbert Shelton
flagship creation of the underground by one of the medium's founders.

99. Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud
a vivid demonstration of the medium's capacity for serious, non-narrative discourse.

98. Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai
a superior example of non-superhero comics storytelling in both picture and words.

97. Zippy by Bill Griffith
an underground creation that crossed-over successfully to syndication, proving that unconventional cartooning can survive in the mainstream.

96. Betsy and Me by Jack Cole
an innovative comic strip in both graphic style and narrative technique, the third of Cole's masterful achievements in the medium.

95. Greeting cards by Sandra Boyton
a blend of words and pictures in a wholly novel (and highly comical) manner.

94. Suburban Heights (et al) by Gluyas Williams
a sustained example of Williams' pristine black-and-white style.

93. David Levine's caricatures in New York Review of Books
revived the art of pure caricature in this country.

92. Katzenjammer Kids by Rudolph Dirks
set the pace for the medium in the closing years of the 19th century by deploying both words (in balloons) and pictures to tell its stories.

91. Mort Drucker's caricatures in Mad parodies
a stunningly accurate "portrait" painter.

90. Mutt and Jeff by Bud Fisher (1907-1930)
the first daily "strip" established the form by running across the page instead of in a box somewhere on the page.

89. Felix the Cat by Otto Messmer
a visually inventive creation, Felix was the first super star of animation.

88. Bootsie by Ollie Harrington
a social protest series of panel cartoons by a passionate master.

87. Brenda Starr by Dale Messick
a role model in the funnies by a role model at the drawingboard, the first nationally recognized syndicated female cartoonist (although not "the first syndicated female cartoonist").

86. The Lonely Ones by William Steig
shows how cartooning can step beyond laughter into philosophical satire.

85. Gasoline Alley by Frank King (1918-1946)
the characters aged, year by year, and also set the pace for homespun narrative in small town American when small town America was vanishing apace.

84. Barney Google (July 17, 1922 until DeBeck's death in 1942)
one of the first comic strips to extend itself beyond the funnies pages into popular culture at large, inspiring a popular song ("Barney Google with his goo-goo googly eyes") and coining a host of expressions ("sweet mama," "balls afire," "time's a-wastin'," etc.--mostly from the hillbillies).

83. Little Annie Fanny by Harvey Kurtzman & Will Elder
the most luxurious full-color comic strip in print for the first 10-15 years of its run in Playboy.

82. Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller
revitalized superheroicism in comic books by treating the superhero "realistically" as a flawed human being rather than an icon.

81. Maus by Art Spiegelman
the first serious narrative in the medium to earn public recognition via a Pulitzer Prize.

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Die ewigen Top 100 der US Comics und Cartoons | Benutzeranmeldung | 3 Kommentare
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Re: Die ewigen Top 100 der US Comics und Cartoons (Wertung: 1)
von Maqz (mg@comicradioshow.com)
am 29.01.2003, 22:42 Uhr
(Benutzerinformation | Nachricht senden) http://www.comicradioshow.com

1. Krazy Kat Geo. Herriman

2. Despair R. Crumb

3. The Kinder-Kids Lyonel Feininger

4. Town Boy Lat

5. Maus Art Spiegelman

6. Pogo Walt Kelly

7. the "Jimmy Corrigan" stories Chris Ware

8. "Pictopia" Alan Moore and Donald Simpson

9. Dal Tokyo Gary Panter

10. "The Death of Speedy" Jaime Hernandez

11. Dick Tracy Chester Gould

12. Billie Holiday José Muñoz and Carlos Sampayo

13. RAW Art Spiegelman, Françoise Mouly, eds.

14. Goodman Beaver Harvey Kurtzman

15. Polly and Her Pals Cliff Sterrit

16. Binky Brown vs. The Holy Virgin Mary Justin Green

17. Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron Daniel Clowes

18. A Contract With God Will Eisner

19. Fires Lorenzo Mattotti

20. the Mishkin animation stories Kim Deitch

21. Marx for Beginners Rius

22. "The Laughing Sun" Gilbert Hernandez

23. Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Hiyao Miyazaki

24. The Playboy Chester Brown

25. The Castafiore Emerald Hergé

26. "That's Life" Robert Crumb

27. Little Nemo in Slumberland Winsor McCay

28. Gasoline Alley Frank King

29. The Complete Alec Eddie Campbell

30. Popeye "Plunder Island" sequence E. C. Segar

31. "What the Left Hand Did" Jim Woodring

32. Wash Tubbs and Captain Easy Roy Crane

33. Black Hole Charles Burns

34. V for Vendetta Allen Moore and David Lloyd

35. The Idiots Abroad Gilbert Shelton

36. "Jerry Mack" Howard Cruse

37. Deep City José Solano López and Carlos Sampayo

38. Sick, Sick, Sick/ Jules Feiffer

39. Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer Ben Katchor

40. The Silent Three Posy Simmonds

41. Terry and the Pirates Milton Caniff

42. Jazz Funnies Hunt Emerson

43. It Was the War of the Trenches Jacques Tardi

44. The Bungle Family H. J. Tuttle

45. The Cartoon History of the Universe v. 2 Larry Gonick

46. Hate Pete Bagge

47. The New American Splendor Anthology Harvey Pekar

48. Eyebeam Sam Hurt

49. Soba Joe Sacco

50. Why I Hate Saturn Kyle Baker

51. early Ernie Pook's Comeek Lynda Barry

52. "Sidetrack City" Kaz

53. "North Fillmore Intelligentsia" stories Spain

54. I Can't Tell You Anything Michael Dougan

55. Nowhere Debbie Dreschler

56. Good-bye and Other Stories Yoshihiro Tatsumi

57. Freaks José Solano López and Jim Woodring

58. "Cats Don't Exist" José I. Solorzano (Jis)

59. My Most Secret Desire Julie Doucet

60. Weirdo during Peter Bagge's editorship Peter Bagge, ed.

61. Cages Dave McKean

62. Flames Out Funnies Willy Murphy

63. Griffith Observatory Bill Griffith

64. The Gumps Sidney Smith

65. MAD (the comic book) Harvey Kurtzman, ed.

66. Arcade Art Spiegelman & Bill Griffith, eds.

67. 42 Stories Adrian Tomine

68. Alley Oop (`30s-40s) V.T. Hamlin

69. Modern Art Joost Swarte (w/Willem)

70. "I Think I Was an Alcoholic Waiting to Happen" John Callahan

71. Biff Chris Garrett and Mick Kidd

72. Spider-Man issues #20-38 Steve Ditko and Stan Lee

73. If Steve Bell

74. "Minnie's 3rd Love" Phoebe Gloeckner

75. The Education of Desire Cliff Harper

76. Little Orphan Annie Harold Gray

77. "God's Bosom" Jack Jackson

78. Understanding Comics Scott McCloud

79. It's a Good Life if You Don't Weaken Seth

80. Barney Google and Spark Plug Billy de Beck

81. The Mighty Thor #154-157 Jack Kirby and Stan Lee

82. Peanuts (`50s and `60s) Charles Schulz

83. Humbug Harvey Kurtzman, ed.

84. Breakdowns Art Spiegelman

85. Lemme Outta Here comics by Bill Griffith, Aline Kominsky, R. Crumb, etc. Edited by ?

86. Doing the Islands With Bacchus Eddie Campbell

87. The Mystery of Wolverine Woobait Joe Coleman

88. City of Glass Paul Karasik and David Mazzucchelli

89. Barnaby Crockett Johnson

90. Joe's Bar José Muñoz and Carlos Sampayo

91. "Birthday Party" Richard Sala

92. A Life Force Will Eisner

93. David Chelsea in Love David Chelsea

94. Adele Blanc-Sec stories Jacques Tardi

95. Jar of Fools Jason Lutes

96. Doonesbury Gary Trudeau

97. Rick O'Shay Stan Lynde

98. Observable Yirmi Pinkus

99. Howard the Duck issues 1-15 Steve Gerber, Gene Colan, Frank Brunner

100. High Society Dave Sim

Re: Die ewigen Top 100 der US Comics und Cartoons (Wertung: 1)
von Maqz (mg@comicradioshow.com)
am 29.01.2003, 22:44 Uhr
(Benutzerinformation | Nachricht senden) http://www.comicradioshow.com

1. Crumb Sketchbooks 1964-present R. Crumb

2. Peanuts Charles Schulz

3. Popeye (Thimble Theatre) Segar

4. Mad written and edited by Harvey Kurtzman

5. Wigwam Bam Jaime Hernandez

6. Donald Duck Four Color (one-shots) Carl Barks

7. Fantastic Four #1-100 Lee and Kirby

8. Human Diastophism Gilbert Hernandez

9. Frontline Combat and Two Fisted Tales edited and written by Harvey Kurtzman

10. Little Nemo in Slumberland Winsor McCay

11. Sick, Sick, Sick Jules Feiffer

12. Krazy Kat George Herriman

13. Zap, Arcade R. Crumb

14. Maus Art Spiegelman

15. Passionate Journey Frank Masereel

16. David Levine caricatures David Levine

17. Polly and Her Pals Sunday pages Cliff Sterrett

18. Alex Toth work, 1950-1960, published by Standard & Lev Gleason (esp. Crime & Punishment #60) Alex Toth

19. Bernie Krigstein work, 1950-60, published by EC, Avcon and others Bernie Krigstein

20. The Idiots Abroad Gilbert Shelton

21. Crumb's Weirdo stories R. Crumb

22. Ghost World Daniel Clowes

23. The Spirit Will Eisner

24. Gasoline Alley Sunday pages Frank King

25. Jungle Book Harvey Kurtzman

26. The Playboy Chester Brown

27. Binky Brown Meets The Holy Virgin Mary Justin Green

28. Pogo Walt Kelly

29. Mishkin/Waldo World/Boulevard of Broken Dreams Kim Deitch

30. Frank's Real Paw Jim Woodring

31. God's Man Lynd Ward

32. Flies on the Ceiling Jaime Hernandez

33. Los Tejanos Jack Jackson

34. The Kin-der Kids Lyonel Feininger

35. Farewell, My Palomar Gilbert Hernandez

36. Little Lulu John Stanley

37. American Splendor #1-10 Harvey Pekar and various

38. Palestine Joe Sacco

39. Spider-Man Lee and Ditko

40. Bill Mauldin WWII cartoons Bill Mauldin

41. Caricature Daniel Clowes

42. ACME Novelty Library Chris Ware

43. Terry and the Pirates Milton Caniff

44. The Bungle Family George Tuthill

45. Julius Knipl, Real Estate Photographer Ben Katchor

46. Captain Marvel Otto Binder and C.C. Beck

47. RAW edited by Spiegelman and Mouly

48. Portraits by Al Hirschfield Al Hirschfield

49. Hey Look! Harvey Kurtzman

50. Wash Tubbs Roy Crane

51. Plastic Man Jack Cole

52. Zippy Bill Griffith

53. ***** Chester Brown

54. Nits Make Lice Jack Jackson

55. Dick Tracy Chester Gould

56. Uncle Scrooge 1950s Carl Barks

57. Hate #1-30 Peter Bagge

58. George Price's New Yorker cartoons George Price

59. Agony in the Kindergarten William Steig

60. Checkered Demon S.Clay Wilson

61. Cheech Wizard Vaughn Bode

62. Little Orphan Annie Harold Gray

63. Alley Oop V.T. Hamlin

64. Bringing Up Father George McManus

65. Goodman Beaver Harvey Kurtzman and Bill Elder

66. The Passport Saul Steinberg

67. Boob McNutt Rube Goldberg

68. Spacehawk Basil Wolverton

69. Spain's autobiographical stories Spain

70. Barnaby Crockett Johnson

71. Scorchy Smith Noel Sickles

72. Tom Toles' political cartoons Tom Toles

73. Daddy's Girl Debbie Drechsler

74. Dennis the Menace Hank Ketcham

75. The Gumps Sidney Smith

76. Flash Gordon Alex Raymond

77. Tarzan Burne Hogarth

78. Prince Valiant Hal Foster

79. Dr. Strange Lee and Ditko

80. Tales of Asgard Lee and Kirby

81. Herblock's political cartoons Herblock

82. 100 Rooms Jaime Hernandez

83. Poison River Gilbert Hernandez

84. God's Bosom Jack Jackson

85. Johnny Craig's EC work Johnny Craig

86. Life in Hell Matt Groening

87. Calvin and Hobbes Bill Watterson

88. Gynecology Daniel Clowes

89. Trots and Bonnie Shari Flenniken

90. Cynicism Paul Ollswang

91. It's A Good Life, If You Don't Weaken Seth

92. The Death of Speedy Ortiz Jaime Hernandez

93. From Hell Moore and Campbell

94. Wally Wood's EC work Wally Wood

95. Black Hole Charles Burns

96. Kings in Disguise Vance

97. Scary Ted Jouflas

98. Schizo Ivan Brunetti

99. Alec stories Eddie Campbell

100. Pictopia Alan Moore and Don Simpson

Re: Die ewigen Top 100 der US Comics und Cartoons (Wertung: 1)
von oskar am 19.01.2004, 21:15 Uhr

(Benutzerinformation | Nachricht senden)
Die Liste ist wirklich interessant, vorallem, weil ich einige von den älteren Sachen (noch) nicht kenne.
Ich bin allerdings der Meinung, dass Krazy Kat die Nummer 1ist und dass auf alle Fälle auch Bone dazugehört.
Außerdem fände ich so eine Liste mit deutschen Comiczeichnern sehr interessant (auch wenn die wohl kaum konkurrenzfähig wäre).