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geschrieben von Maqz am Freitag, 08. Mai 1998 (5203 Aufrufe) druckerfreundliche Ansicht
(*) Bolton
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Comic Radio Show: Did you know that you are on a trading card?
John Bolton: Yeah, I knew it. But these trading cards I find a bit enigmatic, so I'm not recognized at conventions.
CRS: Did you ever dream of being on a trading card one day?
JB: No, that's something that never really occurred to me. I'm constantly surprised and amazed that in this industry so many things happen. It's almost like being a rock star: You being recognized on the street and your image very often published.
An amazing thing happened to me as I was doing a signing in Bologna: We were going to the shop to do the signing and we were 30 minutes early. There were two people rushing towards us and one of them recognized me. They had come from Napoli, what was 5 hours by train and they had come solely to meet me. They had to catch their last train, so I made some sketches for them in the middle of the street. I think that's when you feel that fame is with you.
CRS: Is it a good feeling for you?
JB: I'm always surprised. As an artist I work in a vacuum, almost. When I was working in London you had contact for example to an editor. In America everything goes to the post. I don't even meet the people I'm working with. That's one extreme, working in a vacuum. The other extreme is being recognized often.Batman - Manbat
CRS: Does it take long to draw for example the Manbat
for the Batman Special. How long does it take?
JB: I think everybody thought it took longer than it actually did. As I accepted the project I had already said yes to two other projects that were about to happen any time. One was working with Sam Raimi doing a comic book adaptation of "Army of Darkness" and the other was working with Chris Clairborne illustrating a book. So I started Manbat, did fifteen pages. Then I stopped and did 75 pages for another strip, fully painted and forty paintings for the book. After that I completed the Manbat. So there was this great gap in between. When I started the book, stopped and started again a year later, so people were wondering what it was. It was an exception. And that was 150 pages of fully painted art work. It was an enormous task to undertake.

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