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geschrieben von Maqz am Freitag, 13. Juni 2008 (9907 Aufrufe) druckerfreundliche Ansicht

A fairly (not too) small fish in a big pond

Ramón K Pérez Der überragende Zeichner von vielen Comics, Illustrator von Büchern, Artist von Rollenspielen und und... und der Macher bei kukuburi.com und butternutsquash.net Ramón K Pérez stellt sich den Fragen der ComicRadioShow. Dabei erfährt man auch einiges über die Comic-Industrie in Amerika (Kanada und USA inklusive).

Wer dem englischen nicht mächtig ist kann gerne die Übersetzungsfunktion verwenden ;-)! Viel Spaß beim Lesen und mal die Seiten des Künstlers besuchen!

CRS: Is there a quick and dirty Formula to describe yourself?

not really i’m a complex fellow.

Ramón K Pérez

Hard Facts:

- Artist on DC Comics’ JSA: Classifieds 35-37 featuring Wildcat.
- Artist on DEGRASSI: EXTRA CREDIT V2 graphic novel.
- Inker on THE INCREDIBLES for Dark Horse Comics.
- Artist on FEAR THIS BOOK! a children’s book from Maple Tree Press.

Various Role-Playing Games, Collectible Card Games and related publications including;


Creator of;

- www.kukuburi.com
- www.butternutsquash.net"

Art Blog and Gallery;

- www.cranialpercolations.com"

CRS: When you think about your Work, which one makes you proud?

i’ve been working as a freelance artist for nearly 13 years. over that time i’ve hit many plateaus, high marks, in my career that i’m quite proud of. i first began my career in illustrating role-playing games. one of the first points of personal satisfaction in my work was working on and redesigning a series titled IN NOMINE for steve jackson games. i would say the next high point was the writing and illustrating of my first original graphic novel, RIFTS: MACHINATIONS OF DOOM, for palladium books, another game company. there have been others since, but personal projects such as BUTTERNUTSQUASH and KUKUBURI have taken the lead.

looking back i can see now that it was the projects that i became personally attached to which allowed to me reach a new and exciting level in my abilities and career. with IN NOMINE it was an affinity for the material, with MACHINATIONS OF DOOM it was the challenge of writing and drawing an original story. now, by focussing on my own personal projects, i feel i’ve reached a new confidence and level in my career that i hope to grow with further.

Ramón K Pérez

CRS: Your great Online-Comics Butternutsquash "feels" a little bit like Frank (NOT Mike) Cho's Liberty Meadows (without Animals). Do you feel the same?

this is a comparison rob and i receive from time to time from critics of BNS. While i did enjoy franks book for a time when it was (is it still?) being collected by image comics it was well after rob and i had been producing BUTTERNUTSQUASH, and while i won’t argue there are similarities i would say that BNS has carved out its own unique path.

CRS: And how does your esoteric Web-Comic Kukuburi fits besides Butternut Squash?

BNS is a collaborative look at the life of rob and i through funhouse mirrors. we have no shame and will mock ourselves to no end.

on the flip side KUKUBURI is a more personal project for me in the sense that it is solely mine. the story, characters, dialogue, direction, it’s 100% me. that makes it that much more of a challenge and that much more satisfying.

as well with KUKUBURI i wanted to create a world to be my playground. anything goes, and that’s just what i’ve been able to do while telling a fun story to boot!

Ramón K Pérez

CRS: And besides these two Series, you are illustrating a Superhero-Nazi-Story for the mainstream. What will come next?

the book you are referring to is my three issue run on JSA: CLASSIFIEDS for dc comics. issues 35-37 were written by b. clay moore, a writer and friend of mine, that i’ve been wanting to work with for quite some time. when the opportunity finally arose i jumped at the chance. the story arc features the superhero wildcat and takes place in modern day with flashbacks to the 1940s.

the book was a sheer joy to draw, and play with stylistically.

as for what’s next only time will tell. i have been approached regarding a few projects and will hopefully be able to announce them as soon as they become official.

CRS: Where dose all this visual fantasy came from?

good question, i wish i had an good answer. a steady diet of peanut butter sandwiches in my youth perhaps....

Ramón K Pérez

CRS: How autobiographical (or semi-biographical) is Butternutsquash?

rob and i have always said that it is 90% truth and 10% embellishment, it make fluctuate from time to time but i would say that’s pretty accurate. everything we’ve written about has come from some event in our lives.

CRS: And who are you in Kukuburi?

i don’t think i’m any one character in KUKUBURI, though they all probably have a piece of my personality in them. KUKUBURI overall is a forum for me regarding growing up, the challenges of life and the things we lose and gain, and the things we should latch on to as we take that journey.

so i would say the story as a whole is representative of some of my ideologies.

CRS: How do you describe your Success in the Comic-Industry?

right now i’d say i’m a fairly small fish in a big pond, but i’m working hard to change that!

Ramón K Pérez

CRS: Are you a Comic Creator only-Artist, or do you fall back in working for Game_Designs again? (Don't worry I'm no native english Speaker!)

i think my career has been, and still is, a progression to the goals i want to achieve. i love telling stories especially my own, and would love to thrive and survive on my own ideas. each career path has helped me move forward in this respect, gather and audience and honing my skills, but i still have a long way to go.

CRS: What does this Transmission X means to you?

TRANSMISSION X is a forum for people like myself who wish to tell stories and entertain. the internet is a perfect venue to showcase these stories and reach a wide variety of people. i hope by creating these stories and garnering readers we are able to eventually sustain ourselves on this platform.

CRS: After I saw the "Ramon's Birthday Break-In"-Video, i know you are a huge Star Wars Fan (or a big SW-Sculpture-Reseller!) What does you (Girl-)Friend think about this obsession?

haha - not sure if i would call it an obsession, but i did grow up loving star wars. and yes, there is a full size boba fett in my room that can attest to that! but i’ve been lucky enough that most girls that i’ve dated in the past have had no problem with that - heck, there have been a few that were kinda turned on by mr. fett’s presence.

Ramón K Pérez

CRS: Usual Question i ask all: Do you parents liked the Idea that you wanted to become a (Comic-)Artist?

my parents were very supportive in allowing me to chase my dreams. they may have been somewhat disgruntled by my particular choice, but they never stopped supporting me. i think the biggest hurdle for them to overcome was that they came from the old ideology of working for a company, putting in your hours, retiring and collecting your pension. so my choice was quite unfamiliar to them, but i’ve shown them that i’ve made it work.

CRS: Where do you actual earn your money?

freelancing as an artist on various projects, whether they be children’s books, comics, editorial and magazine work or advertising. whatever comes my way and allows my the time, energy and funds to pursue my own ideas on the side.

CRS: Where do you want to work/draw for?

for myself.

CRS: Could you imagine to publish your work in europe (for example Kukuburi, which looks very alike franco-belgic-comics.

i would very much like to publish and work in the european market. many of my influences are of european artists, and i think the medium is more accepted and has garnered much more respect in the european community than in north america.

CRS: Do you think there is a boom for online-Comics like yours in US or Canada?

Ramón K Pérez

though our readership is worldwide, the highest traffic on both BUTTERNUTSQUASH and KUKUBURI is still from the u.s. and canada. so i think there are quite the boom-like possibilities...

CRS: Will you meet your Comic-Artist Idol in Toronto?

i’ve had the pleasure of meeting some of my artistic “idols” and influences over the years. though most don’t reside in toronto i am lucky to be surrounded by a strong artistic community in this city.

CRS: Is there a big difference between Comic-Artists in Canada and the US?

we’re much better looking.

CRS: (Philosophical Intermezzo Question) If a tree falls in the woods: Is there a sound ... YOU can hear?

was i paying attention? cause sometimes i tend to zone out...

Ramón K Pérez

CRS: Is it hard to build your "own Sandcastle" to publish your Work?

it is an uphill battle, but a very satisfying one in the end. the internet had also made it that much more plausible.

CRS: Is this the Future of Comic Publishing: Creator- Owned- Online- Distribution via the Web?

i think the web will have a great part to play. i’m still trying to figure out a way to monetize what i do from the web which, unfortunately, has been quite elusive. but the platform is there, one just has to find the best way to utilize it.

CRS: Is there any sexual or political based Question, we missed to ask?

hrrrrm, no i’m good.

CRS: If you could choose the american President of the near Future: Who (or what) would he/she/it be?

politics hurt my brain. all i know is bush annoys me to no end and would like to see him out of there. america seems to be headed down a dark path so anyone who can change the countries current course would be much appreciated.

CRS: Is it better to be an unpolitical Comic-Artist in Canada (or the US)?

i think there is a place for both. i have a few friends who are artists whose work is largely politically based. me, i just have no interest in it.

CRS: Would you carry the Olympic Torch through Peking?

sure why not, though could i do it on a scooter or bicycle? i’m not a big fan of running...

Ramón K Pérez

CRS: Do Fans have the opportunity to buy any original art from you?

of course, they need just ask.

actually i am working on a store to meet these needs...

CRS: On which Events the Fans can meet you in the Future?

this years seems me being fairly quiet on the convention front. i am only doing local shows in toronto this year, but hopefully next year i will have some new product out to promote. so if things go well i hope to be doing a few shows within canada and the u.s. and HOPEFULLY, just maybe, one or two in europe. i hear angouleme is quite nice...


CRS: (Attention: Psycho-Question) What will you do in 5 Years?

i never really plan that far ahead. but hopefully something fun!

CRS: What will you do after this Interview?

have some coffee, draw and mebbe watch a movie...

CRS: Is there any other Question, we missed to ask, but you want to mention to our readers?

my brains kinda tired so i’m not really sure... uhm, if you’d care to stay abreast of what i’m up to or where i might be on any given day check out my blog / gallery at http://www.cranialpercolations.com

CRS: Anyway Ramón Krzysztof, thank you for your Time and good Luck for the Future

thanks you!

(c) der Abbildungen Ramón K Pérez

Sie können uns unterstützen! (*)Als Amazon-Partner verdienen wir an qualifizierten Verkäufen.

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